Don’t live from crisis-to-crisis in your senior years – plan ahead and prepare for your ageing journey.

We can help.

Our Smart Ageing Audit will give you a complete, customized picture of how to be prepared so you have control over what you want as you age. It’s designed to help you plan your future, get your “ducks in a row”, and keep your peace of mind.

Discover Our Smart Ageing Audit

With the completion of Your Smart Ageing Audit, you’ll develop a Smart Ageing Plan and:

  • Be prepared if the unexpected occurs
  • Provide your substitute decision makers with information for timely and personalized decision making
  • Be able to be specific about your wishes for care if you are unable to make those decisions yourself
  • Feel confident about planning for your future

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*Anything discussed with a Silver Sherpa Client Director is confidential, and will only be shared with explicit consent.

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