• Has your ageing parent gone into a “crisis” in terms of health, finances, or legal issues? Has that problem begun to cascade into multiple, related issues?
  • Are you overwhelmed, struggling with multiple priorities between your ageing parents, your career, and your own children?
  • Are you a Canadian Expat or someone who spends a lot of time out of the country, and you need someone to coordinate and manage your parents’ living plan?

We have the knowledge and expertise to help and save you time, effort, and money.

If your elderly parent is currently going through a difficult time due to the loss of a partner, unexpected health problems, or financial difficulties, we can step in immediately. We’ll coordinate the services your family needs, guide your parent through the maze of healthcare options, refer you to experts as required, and address any related problems that arise.

What We Do

You are facing an unexpected healthcare crisis or loss of partner, and need immediate assistance and options.

You need help navigating the maze of competing priorities, the confusing options, and the costs; you need a short term plan.

You are ready to meet the future with pragmatic planning and concrete steps forward. Personal care is just the tip of the iceberg.

You want contact with your Client Director beyond our standard service packages – for as long as you want!

You want to quickly understand how to be prepared for your future needs as you age.

Your Parents. Our Priority.

Managing care for your elderly mother or father is a stressful and time-consuming task that takes several hours every week on top of career demands and other family obligations.

With our healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge, and project management skills at your disposal, you’ll be able to answer and address questions like these:

  • How many hours per week are you willing to devote to properly caring for your ageing parents? For how long?
  • Do you or your sibling have Power of Attorney for financial and personal care? If not, how will you be able to make decisions, and what decisions do your parents want you to make?
  • How can you be certain the caregivers you hire for your parents are trustworthy and will act in your best interests?
  • Do you understand the intricacies of palliative care and end of life issues and are you comfortable making decisions to that end?
  • Are you living far away from your parents (whether in another country or within Canada)? Who will care for them and how will you coordinate that care?

Click here for additional critical questions.

We help busy adults manage unplanned crises and plan ahead for their parents’ needs based on nine essential quality of life factors.

We can connect you with our extensive network of pre-qualified local experts – or we can work collaboratively with the practitioners and advisors you may already have in place.

Take the first step and set up a phone consultation. Tell us your story and let us discuss how we can help.

*Anything discussed with a Silver Sherpa Client Director is confidential, and will only be shared with explicit consent.

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