Helping the Elderly in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

An unexpected healthcare crisis or the loss of a partner; life crises for the elderly are difficult to manage, particularly when so many of the decisions are confusing and complicated.

In many cases, a crisis causes a complete upheaval in the older person’s way of life. This can also affect partners, friends, or adult children coping with hectic lives.

We are here to help in times of crisis. We bring together healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge, and project management skills to guide elders and their families or friends through crises.

What Is Included in Our Elderly Crisis Help?

  • Client Director available immediately
  • Project management through your crisis
  • Recommend options for you to choose from and ensure you understand all the cost implications
  • Follow-up and coordination with any professionals or healthcare providers
  • 3 to 4 month periods of dedicated service to resolve your crisis
  • At least weekly in-person meetings with client
  • Response times of 1 hour or less
  • Bundled pricing (you get one bill, one price)
  • e-Consultations as required
  • Regular communication with your family or friends, if requested

We work with the professionals you have in place or we can refer you to members of our professional network. Silver Sherpa clients have priority access to our group of pre-qualified experts in a wide variety of fields (healthcare, law, finances, etc.), who are passionate about smart ageing and delivering excellent client service.

Contact us now for immediate/emergency elderly crisis help. We will get back to you immediately.

After the crisis, never go from crisis-to-crisis again. Get a plan in place to embrace ageing on your own terms with our 6 month Personalized Living Plan™.

Common Elderly Emergency Example: Healthcare Crisis

Health services for the elderly in Canada are in siloes, which means when an elderly person goes into a healthcare crisis, there is no one to coordinate their care from a big picture perspective. Unfortunately, all too often the lack of coordination results in haphazard discharge situations and unnecessary stress for patients and their families.

Elders who cannot return to their own home after a healthcare crisis because they now require additional assistance may end up stuck in limbo in a hospital bed or have no alternative but to move in with their children (who are struggling to balance responsibilities to their parents, their children, and their jobs). The elder and their family must now begin the long process of determining the right place for them to live, how they will receive the care they need, and how they will maintain quality of life in their new circumstances.

Read more about coordinating healthcare in complex elder care situations.

Common Elderly Emergency Example: Alzheimer’s Disease

A domino crisis effect can happen when families either don’t know the extent of the elder’s Alzheimer’s or they are unwilling to recognize the resulting impairments.

For example: Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5 years ago but it hasn’t caused any serious problems yet. However, what the children aren’t aware of is that Mom has been supporting Dad in his day-to-day activities. It’s winter and Mom slips on the ice and breaks her ankle; she is brought to the hospital and can’t leave for weeks while her injury heals. Now, Dad is living alone and one day forgets to turn off the kitchen tap. No one realizes until major flooding occurs, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Dad cannot stay home alone, so who is taking Dad home to live with them tonight?

Read more about helping elderly parents with a health crisis and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Rely on Silver Sherpa in Elderly Emergencies

You and your family do not have to face the crisis alone.

Few families have the time or expertise to understand and research pragmatic options or negotiate reasonable pricing for skilled providers or facilities. We are experts who will help you manage and deliver a solution, so you can get through this difficult time with less stress and confusion.

Contact us today for immediate assistance in an elderly crisis.

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