Concise Overview of Future Needs to Enable Proactive Planning

You, like many others, may find it difficult to talk about healthcare concerns, personal care issues, or financial or legal preparedness.

We understand, and we can make that conversation easier with our Smart Ageing Audit. It’s designed to help you plan your future, get your “ducks in a row”, and keep your peace of mind. With smart ageing, seniors can live life on their terms. Planning ahead will ensure that if there comes a time where decisions have to be made by others, they will reflect your personal beliefs, values, and directions.

Don’t live from crisis-to-crisis in your elder years – plan in advance and prepare for your ageing journey now.

What Is Included?

The Smart Ageing Audit will give you a full picture of how to be prepared as you age.

It is a confidential, at-home meeting guided by a Silver Sherpa Client Director. Together we will take a customized look at your legal and financial preparedness as well as any personal care and healthcare concerns.

Our Smart Ageing Audit identifies what you must do to prepare yourself for life’s inevitable challenges:

  • The warning signs of an impending crisis
  • Getting ready before you need to act
  • Navigating the healthcare, legal, and financial landscape
  • Developing a Smart Ageing Plan

With the completion of Your Smart Ageing Audit, you’ll:

  • Be prepared if the unexpected occurs
  • Provide your substitute decision makers with information for timely and personalized decision making
  • Be able to be specific about your wishes for care if you are unable to make those decisions yourself
  • Feel confident about planning for your future

Contact us now to start your Smart Ageing Audit.

Take action on your audit! Get a Personalized Living Plan™ with pragmatic, concrete steps to ensure quality of life in your elder years.

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