Helping Elders and Their Families Achieve Peace of Mind

Your Client Director will work with you to assess your current situation, living in your “village” or in other words, the circle of people you have around you. There are nine essential quality of life factors for smart ageing. We will help you create a customized plan to identify your priorities and develop a strategy to meet your immediate, short term, and long term goals.

Combining health care and business expertise, we are the only elderly services coordinator in Canada who assists elders and their families with the small details, the big picture, and everything in between.

*We can connect you with our extensive network of pre-qualified local experts in each of these areas; or we can work collaboratively with the practitioners and advisors you may already have in place.

Each of our services addresses all of these factors. View our services now or request a complimentary consultation.

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Elder Care Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg

We offer a unique combination of healthcare expertise, estate planning knowledge and project management skills to cut through the maze of overwhelming options.

1. Physical Health and Wellness

Elderly HelpWe consider health holistically, including:

  • Health conditions
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Functional ability

With our extensive expertise in the Canadian healthcare industry, Silver Sherpa is highly skilled at assisting elders and their families navigate the hospital systems, primary care, and community services. 

Unfortunately, healthcare services for seniors and elders in Ontario are often disorganized and fragmented, the problem becoming particularly acute when elders require ongoing care from multiple providers in different settings.

We coordinate the coordinators, providing guidance through diagnostic steps, advocating for you with the difficult decisions and sorting out the confusing healthcare options available. 


Elderly PlanningIt’s important to have a financial plan to ensure your needs will be covered as you age. 

Whether your situation is simple or complex (such as in the case of those families with special needs children or complicated succession dynamics), we will guide you to reach a solution that reflects your unique needs and wishes.

Are your legal affairs in order? Do you have an up-to-date will, advance care directives, and designated Powers of Attorney for personal care and for property?

This step is crucial for peace of mind. Prudent legal planning ensures your wishes will be respected, your loved ones will receive the legacy you intend for them, and your estate will not be unduly taxed.

4. Living Options and Safety Factors

Environmental and safety factors involve ensuring the most risk-free situations for elders in terms of:

  • Housing
  • Home safety
  • Self care
  • Supported care

Elderly AssistanceWe prefer that our clients stay in their own homes as long as possible. However this is sometimes unrealistic and not even safe. So there may be a need to obtain in-house supports or sometimes change to more supportive accommodations.

Do you have the time and expertise to search out the best providers and sort out the financial implications? If an elder can no longer live alone, do you know which housing options will provide the optimal environment for that particular person given their healthcare needs?

We can help you identify your options (e.g. self care with support or assisted living housing? If housing, which homes will best meet your needs?), guide you through the decision-making with our in-depth knowledge and expertise, review the total cost of options, and set your plan into motion once you have made a choice.


5. Mental Health and Wellness

Elderly Mental HealthWhether you are living at home or in a seniors’ residence, we help ensure you have an appropriate care plan including mental health. Mental health includes:

  • How you feel about yourself and your life.
  • Your ability to solve problems and deal with challenges.
  • Your ability to build relationships with others and contribute to your community.
  • Your ability to achieve your goals.

6. Intellectual and Vocational Pursuits

Elderly AssistanceMany people worry they will become bored after retirement, when they no longer have their work to intellectually engage them. We help you develop a plan, specific to your interests, to stay engaged in creative and intellectually stimulating activities throughout your silver years.

Our elders have important roles to play within their families and their community. Intergenerational programs delight both young and old. There are many ideas and opportunities for our clients to get involved.


7. Social Activities and Relationshipsss-vocational-2

Participating in activities with others on a regular basis and developing meaningful relationships is a key contributor to happiness and health at any age. We work with you on a plan to create and nurture these key relationships.


8. Spiritual Wellbeing

Elderly HelpLiving with purpose is a lifelong pursuit. Included in our planning is the assurance that you will be able to continue to explore and live by your belief systems and values as you age and especially in the community you choose to live in.


9. Emotional Wellbeing

Your Client Director is your co-pilot who helps you prepare for and cope with the challenges that arise. If you need additional assistance managing feelings, such as grief counselling, we can connect you with trusted professionals.

Assisting the Elderly in All Nine Factors

Each of the nine factors influences and is integrated with the others, creating a domino effect – particularly in times of crisis. A healthcare crisis can trigger legal, financial, and housing issues, for example.

Should a crisis such as a major healthcare event or a loss of partner occur, your trusted Silver Sherpa advisor can help you navigate a crisis situation with any number of these factors. Hopefully, each of us will have the opportunity to plan ahead rather than be thrown into a crisis. Planning ahead means you have control over your wishes and we can help you proactively plan ahead for each of these factors as you age.

All of these decisions take time and thought. We will be with you every step of the way.

Get in touch with us now to set up your first meeting with a Client Director. We offer a complimentary consultation in your home.


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