If we had been left to deal with this situation alone without the skilled and focused intervention of the Silver Sherpa staff, we would not be in the positive place we find ourselves today. They created the conditions that shaped the possibility of obtaining the neurologist outpatient assessment at a teaching hospital, the ophthalmology specialists, and the audiology assessment. Without Silver Sherpa’s expertise, I compare the process in having to make these appointments to carrying a sheet of plywood up a hill against the wind. Not easy. The journey continues.


We had tried four times before to move our frail parents but for various reasons, we could not make it happen. Silver Sherpa worked with our parents over 4 months to figure out what they wanted and then put together a team of over ten companies to make it happen. Silver Sherpa visits every week in my parent’s retirement home and we now have Sherpa’s for life.


My husband was admitted to hospital several times and finally they told me he could not go home because he needed extra care. Our family was overwhelmed with all the different people at the hospital telling us different things – nurses, doctors, CCAC managers, discharge planners, nurse practitioners, etc. We met with Silver Sherpa on a Friday evening and within a week we had sorted out what our priorities should be and started looking at options for my husband. Silver Sherpa organized a meeting at the hospital with all the various people and got them to agree to one plan and then helped us figure out how to move forward.


I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed the Cyber Seniors movie and the ongoing technology initiative for Seniors that you support. Silver Sherpa gives a lot back to our community.

S. and J. G.

Silver Sherpa is a much-needed service for seniors and their families. Keep up the great work!


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