Trusted Advisors Providing One Stop Planning and Support Services for the Elderly

Silver Sherpa is a professional services company delivering independent and personalized advice on smart ageing and lifestyle transitions. We are unique in how we assist the elderly and their families prepare for and respond to lifestyle crises due to health challenges, loss of a partner, social isolation and other factors that put their quality of life at risk.

Our staff deals with these challenges in 3 simple steps – Plan, Navigate, and Connect. As trusted co-pilots, Silver Client Directors assess the transition needs of seniors, and then coordinate professionals and services to help seniors simplify important life decisions, figure out pragmatic costed options, and facilitate planned transitions.

Our co-founder, Susan Hyatt is an international healthcare expert and corporate strategist who has worked with national governments, large healthcare organizations, and global technology companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia. With this unique perspective, Susan saw the critical need for a professional services firm to provide comprehensive, “big picture” assistance for seniors and their families when they are faced with major lifestyle transition issues.

Silver Sherpa is a Canadian company based in Oakville and rapidly expanding across the Greater Toronto Area. As the founding organization behind Team Halton’s Cyber Seniors “Connecting Generations” program, Silver Sherpa is committed to giving back to the communities where our clients live.

Silver Sherpa has a big vision – we are dedicated to building a society in which the elderly, regardless of their means, can create their own path and lead happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives along their ageing journey.

Our Professional Services

Our company evolved out of a family crisis, so we recognize the challenges that arise when changes need to be made and there is no plan in place. We’ve been there. And that’s why we created a professional services model where a dedicated Client Director works with you to formulate and follow through on:

Confidentiality Assurance

Anything our clients discuss with their Client Director or any member of the Silver Sherpa team is confidential. All staff are bound by strict privacy and confidentiality rules as part of their contractual agreements with Silver Sherpa Inc.

All information is stored on a highly secure and protected information technology system. All client files are electronic, securely encrypted, and can only be accessed by designated staff.

With the client’s consent, information can be safely, securely, and confidentially transferred to service providers. This eliminates the need for clients to repeatedly recall information at appointments or to duplicate detailed information already provided.

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