A Trusted Advisor Brings You Peace of Mind in Your Silver Years

Our silver years deserve to be full of carefree, joyful days. For many elders, however, peace of mind is lost to the stress of unexpected transitions, health issues, disorganized finances, and sometimes personal loss. Often added to this is the struggle of a daughter or son who now has to juggle both the needs of their own children and their ageing parents.

Silver Sherpa works with clients and their family to assess current needs, determine their priorities, now and for the future, and put a plan in place to meet those priorities.

Plan. Navigate. Connect.

We are a lifestyle transitions company offering comprehensive professional elder planning and coordination services based on our expertise and best practices in caring for elders. As your trusted co-pilots, we bring accurate and timely information to make informed decisions, helping the elderly and their families every step of the way.

We offer a single point of contact to coordinate integrated services and guidance for each step in the ageing journey:

  • Sherpas for Life™
    For those who want us to stay on with them beyond our standard service packages – for as long as they want!
  • Smart Ageing Audit
    For those who want to quickly understand how to be prepared for their future needs as they age.

Connect with us during crisis or before crisis strikes and let your Silver Sherpa Client Director help you every step of the way.

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

  1. We provide exemplary customer service with one number to call.
  2. We strive to understand our clients and respect their values, needs, and preferences.
  3. We provide superb organization, coordination, and integration of elderly care services.

You Deserve Independent Advice… Not a Sales Pitch

We believe you should have independent planning advice for major changes in your life or the life of a loved one. We do not sell products. Instead, we are a professional services firm focused solely on helping the elderly: responding to your needs, assessing your current situation, identifying your priorities, and helping you to develop pragmatic plans of action tailored to your priorities.

Whether you are being proactive or are already in crisis, we will guide you and your family through important planning decisions in a systematic way. We will help you collect and organize critical information and make it easily available when you need to make informed choices.

We will help you cost out options for easy comparison. We will communicate with you and your family, as well as service providers in a timely and consistent manner and as often as needed. Most importantly, we will help simplify the decision-making process so you don’t feel overwhelmed at any step in the process.


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